We are Structural Engineers


Was established in 1992 in Patras, Greece, by Ioannis Chatzinikolis and came into its current form (limited company) in 2007 with Viktor Chatzinikolis coming aboard.

The practice was formed on a genuine passion for structural engineering, advanced knowledge of construction, and enthusiasm for innovation. And although we’ve grown and evolved, those original characteristics remain the foundational and differentiating strengths that make us interdisciplinary, searching and catalytic today.

The technical expertise of engineering is our baseline. It’s where we take the conversation beyond it that makes the difference to the architectural concept, the construction process, and the ultimate experience of the structure.

So, our work begins early in a project. Sometimes at the empty page stage – when the opportunity to bring enhancement through design sees no boundary.

We’re here to talk about what and how needs to be constructed, not what a client or architect can’t do. We take the long view and the short, we focus on micro and macro, and we design for today and tomorrow.

1A design-led approach

Fundamental to our team structure is our belief in a design-led approach; we consider design by its very nature curious, iterative and subject to optimisation and improvement if it is to be successful.

2Proactive attitude

On each project all members of the engineering team are encouraged to adopt a proactive attitude toward solving problems both within and outside our specific areas of responsibility.

3A free flow of ideas.

Our practice has the organic flexibility required to respond to the variations in workload that are commonplace in this industry and encourages a free flow of ideas.

4Success time

We achieve success time and again by ensuring that we understand the wider client goals and that we work with all members of the team to make these happen.

5Our approach

Our approach is always to fully engage with other parts of the team, assisting them in achieving their own targets whilst, at the same time, focusing on our own areas.

6Design and technical excellence

The founding partners remain wholly involved in the running and direction of the practice. This provides the platform to ensure that investment in quality, design and technical excellence remains at the heart of our work.

Meet Our Team

Ioannis Chatzinikolis
Structural Engineer UoP

Founding partner of Technodynamics Ltd. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of structural engineering, has an extensive experience in building and infrastructure projects. Ioannis specializes in structural steel, focusing on thin and slender structures as well as telecom masts and towers – but also has a track record of structural assessment and retrofitting against seismic loads.

Viktor Chatzinikolis
Structural Engineer NTUA – CEng MICE

Partner of Technodynamics Ltd. Bringing more than 15 years of analysis and design of varying structural and infrastructure projects around the world (West White Rose Project – Bank Station Capacity Upgrade – Brisbane Cross River Rail). He is particularly involved in seismic design and research and in advanced numerical methods in structural engineering (NAFEMS member).

Vivi Dimoula
Geotechnical Engineer NTUA

Joined Technodynamics since 2018 – is undertaking structural and geotechnical analysis and dynamic assessment of buildings and has the design experience in major projects – from concept to execution. Vivi is also a key member ensuring the workflow between BIM modelling and design.

Evangelia Strataki
Structural Engineer NTUA MSc

Evangelia is a member of Technodynamics since 2019 – performing structural analysis and dynamic assessment of buildings. Having at her background a MSc regarding “Monument Preservation and Protection”, adds in the team valuable experience in assessing historic structures and strengthening them.

Stefania Peri
Architect UAUIM

Studied architecture at UAUIM (Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism) of Bucharest and gained experience working in several architectural projects including interior design and public spaces. She also has a background of major strategic plans of space management and planning as well as participating in architectural competitions, workshops and seminars and performs an array of administrative duties related to utilization, development, and commercial exploitation of buildings. She is also responsible for technical, law and permit documentation.

Iro Varvarigou
Structural Engineer UoP MSc

Graduate Civil Structural Engineer of the University of Patras with working experience in structural steel building projects and building permits. During her Master’s Degree Program in “Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures” at the National University of Athens, among other things, she deepened her knowledge in Seismic Assessment and Strengthening of Existing Structures utilizing the PushOver Method. As a member of the team, she is responsible for the Structural Analysis of new structures and Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Existing ones.


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