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High Rise Office Building with four Basements

Deep Basement – Structural and Dynamic Analysis & Design
Completed 2008
Athens, Greece
Viodynamiki SA
Aris Masouridis & Partners

High Rise Office Building with four Basements

Deep Basement (temporary works) - Structural and Dynamic Analysis & Design

A challenging project in Athens comprising of the construction of a new 6 storey office building with 4 basements. The plot is located in a densely built area with one adjacent building being also 6 storey-high (but only with one basement) – a berlin type temporary retaining wall was qualified.

The structural system of the building consists of reinforced concrete elements – apart from the mezzanine which is made of steel composite decking.

Front face of the under development plot is a major traffic artery of the city of Athens – leading to reduced space for site installations and logistics. As a result, the surcharge along the front elevation was significantly increased (in function with the depth of the excavation).

Technodynamics also undertook the analysis, design and detailing of the new façade support system, determining a safe load path for all several loading cases.

The project was a significant success following a fantastic coordination of all the involved design disciplines. In regards to party wall and adjacent property effects, daily monitoring of lateral deflections and subsequent assessment of the results was in place, ensuring and achieving zero damage.