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Luxury Hotel, Rethymno

New Hotel Development – New pedestrian Bridge
Completed 2008
Rethymno, Crete, Greece
N & H Vourvachakis SA
WOBI Architects
2900 sqr

Luxury Hotel, Rethymno

New Hotel Development – New pedestrian Bridge

Part of the expansion and renovation plan of an existing hotel, this 4-storey development is constructed on a 3500 m2 plot, including two basements. Closely working with WOBI architects, Technodynamics was appointed to provide structural engineering services for the whole scheme. The structure itself has reinforced concrete framing, exhibiting a swimming pool at the top level – yet not a normal one. Taking advantage of the amazing seafront, the pool front side was designed to be made of glass. Advanced sloshing and CFD analysis was undertaken, in order to simulate the liquid behaviour during an earthquake (0.16g) and its effect on the glass elements combined with the structural deformation and hysteretic effects induced by the different inertias.

Aiming to ease the hotel’s logistics but also enhance the aesthetics of the (new) hotel complex, a curved pedestrian bridge was constructed, spanning 25 m between the existing and the new buildings, over a local road.

The bridge is made of structural steel, with reinforced concrete piers sitting on piled abutments at the edge of the buildings. Vital to the global design has been the seismic dis-engagement of the structures in order to avoid increase of internal forces developed due to the significant masses and the differential eigenmodes of the structure. Therefore, the bridge has been designed as structurally independent, with only a vertical support at the new building, allowing for differential movements. With a width of max 1.5m the dynamics have been of extreme importance. Human structure interaction dynamics analysis was induced and several scenarios were examined (walking groups, running, loads being transported, vandalism, bouncing and clapping) during the analysis. The design was driven to provide a structure with adequate stiffness and frequency to avoid resonance effects and maintain an acceptable comfort to its user, whilst the lightweight shape is not compromised.

Apart from engineering services, Technodynamics fully supported the scheme in terms of documentation, providing full BIM modelling and support at an IFC and fabrication package level.